Drupal automatic updates is coming

Drupal automatic updates is a feature that will automatically install new Drupal core updates when they are released. This can be done without you having to lift a finger!

How to upgrade Drupal to PHP 8 with Composer

Drupal 10 (release end 2022) needs PHP 8. It will not be possible to run Drupal 10 on PHP 7 or earlier.

How to upgrade from Drupal 8 to 9 with composer [blog post + screen cast]

This blogposts gives you a summary on how to upgrade to drupal 9 and fix all composer issues.

How to programmatically update an entity reference field in drupal 8

Drupal 8 is becoming more and more API-first based. This means a lot of imports and exports of data will be done. A thing you might face here, is that the updating of entity reference fields is a bit tricky. Here I'll show you how it is done.

Create paragraphs and attach to node programmatically in drupal 8

Paragraphs give great power to drupal 8. This code will show you how you can add them programmatically, for example when importing stuff.

Disable block caching in drupal 8

When creating custom blocks, sometimes you need to make sure the block is never cached f.e. when including dynamic links. 

Add an actions link with route and query parameters in Drupal 10

Actions links are links that appear in various places in the Drupal admin interface and allow users to perform common tasks. You can add your own custom actions links with route parameters and query parameters to make it easier for users to perform specific tasks in your Drupal site

Drupal Behaviors: A How-To Guide to Javascript

Writing JavaScript code in Drupal can be challenging because of the way Drupal handles JavaScript. Drupal has a concept called "Drupal behaviors" that can help you write better JavaScript code that works consistently across your site.

How to include multiple content types in an entityQuery in Drupal 10

To include multiple content types in an entity query in Drupal 10, you can use the IN operator. The IN operator allows you to specify an array of content types to include in the query.

Creating automatic Node titles with custom Events in Drupal 10

Learn how to use custom events in Drupal 10 for creating automatic node titles. This step-by-step tutorial provides insights into content management and programmatically generating titles for specific content types.

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