Deployment identifier in Drupal explained

In Drupal, a deployment identifier (also known as deployment_identifier) is a configuration setting that can be added to your settings.php file. It is used to track configuration changes between different environments or deployments, such as from development to staging or production.

Get url path of an entity reference in Twig in Drupal 10

This post gives you a snippet to get the URL path of an entity reference in Twig

Remove shortcut links with Drush in Drupal 10

During configuration imports, you can stumble upon this issue: not being able to import config because there are existing entities of type shortcut

Get page title inside of a paragraph in Drupal 10

I encountered this when I had to build a hero paragraph. I needed the page title inside my paragraph.

How to access custom block content field in Twig (Drupal 10)

I started using custom blocks for reusable content on a website. It turns out twig works a bit different on block content than on paragraphs.

How to set permissions to a route programmatically in Drupal 8, 9 or 10

Are you looking for a way to create custom permissions for your Drupal 8 module? Since Drupal 8, permissions are defined in a MODULENAME.permissions.yml file.

Programmatically saving a file in Drupal 8, 9 & 10

This tutorial code shares how to share a file entity programmatically in Drupal.

How to put a Drupal site in maintenance mode with drush

If you are running a devOps system, you can put your sites in maintenance mode like this:

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