Deleting all terms of a taxonomy in bulk with drush

This drush snippet helps you to remove tags in bulk.

Fixing CORS issues with decoupled drupal

A common issue is CORS errors when testing on a local environment on decoupled installations. This will guide you into fixing it.

Get site name programmatically in drupal 8 & 9

This configuration setting is easy to get with the following snippet.

Render a button in drupal 8 & 9 with a render array

Render arrays are great for styling elements to keep consistency across future updates. Today: buttons.

Check if a form is an entityForm

EntityForms are gaining importance in drupal 8 and 9. This is how to make sure you are in one.

Change label and description of a revision log field in drupal 8 and 9

Revisions are a great thing for tracking changes between entities. This snippets allows you to name them different in your entity forms.

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