If you're looking to change the overall effect of your generated image, adding the following camera and film type keywords and styles to your prompt may help:

P.S. This post will contain examples of each camera/film type in the order they are listed.


Midjourney + Camcorder

Adds film grain, noise, and saturation similar to a VHS tape [good for 90s vintage look].


Midjourney + DSLR Camera

Better resolution, sharpness, and clarity [good for modern look].


Midjourney + GoPro

Fish-eye effect typically in the form of a selfie [cool for action shots].

Disposable Camera

Midjourney + Disposable Camera

Fixed-focus with 35mm lens [good for portraits].


Midjourney + Polaroid

High black point and faded [good for faded memories].

Fujifilm Superia

Midjourney + Fujifilm Superia Camera

High performance, high speed color negative film with fine-grain [good for snapshots or action shots].


Midjourney + Fujifilm Instax

Daylight color film with high gloss [good for hipster memories].

Kodak Ektar

Midjourney + Kodak Ektar Camera

Subtle retro hues or poppy contrast [good for high-detail black and white].

Kodak Gold 200

Midjourney + Kodak Gold

Crisp and clear for bright, sunny days [good for "golden hour" and natural light generations].

Kodak Portra

Midjourney + Kodak Portra

Vivid film that captures colors, light, and textures in crisp format [good for nature shots or light fog].


Midjourney + Velvia film effect

High saturation film [good for landscape photography or nature].


Midjourney + Lomo film effect

Oversaturated, high contrast, and soft blur [good for a rustic look].


Midjourney + CinemaScope effect

An old filming technique for 2.35:1 aspect ratio [good for widescreen shots].

Kodak 400TX

Midjourney + Kodak 400TX effect

Fine grain black and white images [good for a mixture of modern quality with retro vibes].


Midjourney + Vistavision effect

High-resolution widescreen with 35mm film [good for old-school Hollywood shots].


Midjourney + Technirama effect

Doubled resolution over anamorphic 35mm film [all three original Star Wars films used a Technirama camera for effects photography].


Midjourney + Tintype photography

Direct positive imprinted on a thin sheet of metal coated with a dark lacquer or enamel [good for super vintage look].

In order for certain camera/film types to work, you may need to change your prompt around and adjust how you mention the camera/film. For example, "camcorder effect" or "VHS effect" or "camcorder video" or "shot with a camcorder" may all work or one or none.

By utilizing these camera and film types, you can transform your generated images to achieve different looks and styles. Whether you want a modern or vintage vibe, these tips can help you achieve your desired effect. So go ahead and experiment with different camera and film types to see what works best for you!

Source and research done by Chase Curtis on Twitter.

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