How to remove padding inside Ionic 5 button

I expected a button with no padding on the left and the right. Because when you look at the CSS of "ion-no-padding" in node_modules/@ionic/angular/css/padding.css, it says:

How to vertically align the slot icon to the top in an Ionic 5 item

Ionic is a great UI asset library in cooperation with Angular. Lastly, I stumbled upon an issue where I need to vertically center my <ion-icon> component to the top position.

Get ion-toggle value in Ionic5 and Angular 12

There are use cases on when not to use ReactiveForms. In this case, I have some ion-toggles with versions of a book. I just want to use the value of the toggle in my function and whether is set to false or true.

Remove padding around ion-item in Ionic 5

Ionic is great because it comes with batteries included. Nevertheless, we always need some customization in the layout.

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