Remove padding around ion-item in Ionic 5

Ionic is great because it comes with batteries included. Nevertheless, we always need some customization in the layout.

Disable hover color on ion-item in Ionic 5

Ion-items are a nice way of showing lists. The default behavior has some downsides, like a hover color.

Solve blurry text or wide font in ionic buttons

I've stumbled upon this issue on every ionic project so I'm logging it here.

How to add class to Router link when active in Angular

Use the following to add an active class to a menu item or active link when you are visiting the exact page:

How to serve your ionic icons offline in a PWA

When registering your PWA, the ngsw-config.json file is the most important. This snippet helps you caching your ionic icons offline.

How to remove the shadow of an <ion-header>

Ionic has some nice built-in components. It requires you to specify your app header. This comes with a shadow. Here is how to hide it.

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