Get the current Drupal version with Drush

This easy snippet can help you if you want information about your current drupal version

How to get a list of uninstalled (contrib) modules with drush

When upgrading to Drupal 9 it can be handy to look up the uninstalled modules first, to remove them.

Deleting all terms of a taxonomy in bulk with drush

This drush snippet helps you to remove tags in bulk.

Clear specific cache in drupal 8

Drupal's default caching mechanism is to clear "all" cache. This is rather ineffici├źnt. There are options to clear specific caches only, here's how.

Date fields showing up in wrong language in drupal 8 [SOLVED]

In drupal 8 you can experience your datefields showing up in English instead of in the language of your website. This fixes it.

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