Hi everyone like many I tested out GitHub co-pilot and I specifically tested it out for drupal development now would this be useful as a drupal developer will this boost my productivity, in short, yes I would definitely say so let me give you just a small demo here so I have an empty dot module file and let's say I would want to you know get a list of all nodes of type articles so I'll just start typing the typical things you know return

a list of nodes of type block no article okay and then I start typing you know function get articles you see this is something that my copilot is just suggesting if I hit tab I have my method right here you know all right the query would be an entity query entity type node type article created the sorting descending so it would load multiple so it would return my full node objects of type article so I just created this method in like in seconds so what if I would want um checks if a user has raw a certain role you know just autocompletion again okay nice so function user has a role and this is just again autocompleted so I'm writing methods you know on the fly just hitting tab and just suggesting um you can imagine this boosts your productivity like by double you know

so so this is it just a small demo now you have an idea of what this can do and I think if you would um give you know full team access to GitHub co-pilot then you would also have like good practice code you know it's it's got it gets all these codes from all these reports um of you know the whole world you know so I would suggest um taking it because you will boost your productivity very hard


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