Discover how to use multi-prompts effectively with the Midjourney Bot, which allows you to separate concepts and assign importance to different parts of a prompt. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about multi-prompt basics, prompt weights, negative prompt weights, and the --no parameter.

Multi-Prompt Basics

With the Midjourney Bot, you can separate concepts in a prompt using the double colon ::. For example, the prompt hot dog produces images of tasty hotdogs, but separating the concepts using hot:: dog creates a picture of a warm dog. Multi-prompts work with various model versions and parameters, which can be added at the end of the prompt.

hot dog
hot:: dog

Image of the Midjourney Prompt hotdog

Image of the Midjourney Prompt hot:: dog

Prompt Weights

You can assign relative importance to different parts of a multi-prompt using weights. For example, hot::2 dog makes the word "hot" twice as important as the word "dog," producing an image of a very hot dog. The weight can be a whole number or a decimal depending on the model version.

hot:: dog
hot::2 dog

Image of the Midjourney Prompt hot:: dog

Image of the Midjourney Prompt hot::2 dog

Negative Prompt Weights

You can also use negative weights in multi-prompts to remove unwanted elements from the generated image. For instance, vibrant tulip fields:: red::-.5 reduces the likelihood of red tulips in the image.

vibrant tulip fields
vibrant tulip fields:: red::-.5

Image of the Midjourney Prompt vibrant tulip fields

Image showing the results of negative weights when multi prompting in Midjourney

Combining Weights and --no Parameter

It is possible to combine both positive and negative weights with the --no parameter for more refined control over the output of your Midjourney Bot. This can help achieve a more desirable balance of elements in your generated images.

Note: The --no parameter is equivalent to a negative weight of -0.5. Therefore, using --no and a negative weight in the same prompt might produce unexpected results. It's best to use one or the other for a more predictable outcome.


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