Creating soulful and photorealistic AI images is now more intuitive than ever, thanks to the innovative tools from Midjourney.

One of their new things is the "Remaster Feature", a game-changer for enhancing the quality of your digital art.

Understanding the Midjourney Remaster Feature

Midjourney Remaster is a powerful tool that breathes new life into older images created with previous versions of Midjourney. Using an advanced algorithm, it enhances the coherency and detail of the images, ultimately improving their quality. This remastering process can add sharpness, correct colors, eliminate noise, and even introduce new details such as hair or fur, making your old images appear brand new.

The Remaster feature is exclusively available for images created using Midjourney's older versions. As of this writing, Midjourney operates on version 4, implying that images created using v3 or older can be enhanced using the Remaster function.

How to Use the Remaster Feature

There are two main ways to utilize the Remaster function on Midjourney:

1. Using the Remaster Button

This method involves using the Remaster button available when you upscale your preferred image. To do this, you need to generate images using an older version of the AI tool by incorporating a version-specific prompt, like "-v 3", into your input. This ensures Midjourney uses version 3 of its AI model instead of the current version.

Upon processing your input, Midjourney generates a set of images. You can then select the one you want to upscale and click the corresponding Upscale button. After the image is upscaled, you can click the Remaster button to request Midjourney to reprocess the selected image using the latest algorithms.

2. Using Specific Prompts

If you prefer not to use an older version of Midjourney, you can directly engage the Remaster function by manually entering additional prompts when creating your input prompt. The prompts "--test --creative" enable the creation of remastered images directly. The syntax would look like this:

/imagine [art description] --test --creative

Midjourney then employs its experimental algorithms to produce remastered images. Note that the number of image variations might be fewer than the typical set of four images that Midjourney usually generates.

Examples of the Remaster Feature in Action

Let's illustrate the power of the Remaster feature with a few examples, comparing images before and after the application of the feature.

prompt:Charming Girl with Red-Brown Curly Hair --ar 2:3 --v 3 --upbeta

Midjourney remaster

Charming Girl with Red-Brown Curly Hair --ar 2:3 --v 3 --upbeta --testp

Midjourney remaster

In this example, the remastered image of the "Charming Girl with Red-Brown Curly Hair" presents an upgraded version, with crisper lines, more vibrant colors, and an overall photorealistic touch.


Being an experimental feature, the Remaster function may not always be available, and its performance may vary. If you can't access the Remaster button or are unsatisfied with the remastered image, don't be discouraged! Remember, each attempt at using this feature is a step toward mastering it and getting the best out of your AI imagery.