Midjourney v5 is a popular image generator with AI that offers a default theme called "realistic photography". While this theme is great, you can easily make your images stand out by using some alternative themes that the platform offers. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best themes that you can use on Midjourney v5.

Realism & Abstraction:

If you're looking for a theme that combines realism with abstract elements, there are several options available:

  • "Hyper Real" or "Hyperrealistic": An exaggerated version of realism that works well with horror or caricature themes.
  • "Magic Realism": A theme that combines realistic elements with surreal and magical elements, perfect for dream or fantasy themes.
  • "Fantastic Realism": A modern style that incorporates mind-bending elements, ideal for dream or horror themes.
  • "Contemporary Realism" or "New Realism": High-skill painting style that works well with people or dramatic scenes.
  • "Surreal" or "Surrealism": An unreasonable, and often contradictory, representation of the unconscious mind, perfect for weird or creepy themes.
  • "Ethereal" or "Ethereality" or "Lucid": A light and delicate perfection/utopia style that works well with spiritual creatures, characters, or environments.
  • "Fiction" or "Science Fiction": Imaginative and futuristic concepts that can be used for technology, space, or anything else you can dream up.
  • "Imagined" or "Imaginative" or "Imagination": New ideas, images, or concepts that may not be real, perfect for animals, otherworldly, or strange themes.
  • "Dreamlike" or "Dreamy" or "Fever-Dream": Similar to "Imagination" but with more "Ethereal" aspects, ideal for afterlife, spiritual, or lofty themes.
  • "Dreampunk": A steampunk aesthetic mixed with "Dreamlike" with hints of futurism, perfect for technology or vintage themes.
  • "Dreamcore" or "Weirdcore": A surrealist aesthetic paired with low-quality assets, ideal for memes, creepy, or trippy themes.
  • "Otherworldly" or "Unworldly" or "Another Realm": Imaginary or spiritual world themes that work well with space, futuristic, or landscapes.
  • "Abstract" or "Abstraction": Images that communicate through lines, shapes, colors, and form rather than solid ideas, perfect for backgrounds, modern design, or logos.
  • "Fantasy" or "Ethereal Fantasy" or "Dark Fantasy": A broad and loosely defined art that pulls from magic, mythological, and supernatural ideas, ideal for beings, gods, or landscapes.
  • "Illusion" or "Impossible": An idea with a warped reality, perfect for dreams, optical illusions, or strange
  • "Exaggerated" or "Exaggeration" or "Visual Exaggeration": Similar to "Hyper-Realism" but with less emphasis on the realism aspect, ideal for emphasizing emotions or extremes.
  • "Immaterial" or "Intangible": Similar to "Abstract" art but less modernized, perfect for smoke, lines, or objects that may not have a solid form.

With these themes, you can create images that stands out and captures the attention of your audience. Whether you're looking for a realistic theme with a touch of abstraction or a completely otherworldly experience, Midjourney v5 has got you covered.

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