Discover various techniques to represent a wide range of characters in your writing. Combine these methods with appropriate language to develop the personas you have in mind.

Word Choice Matters

The simplest approach is to examine the impact of word selection on your character's portrayal and continue tweaking until you identify the perfect word or phrase that accurately represents the attribute.

For instance, if you aim to describe a body-positive model, using the word "overweight" might make the character excessively large, while employing the term "chubby" renders them too small. I suggest seeking alternative word choices from ChatGPT or utilizing an online thesaurus.

The Fine-Tuning Method

Instead of constantly modifying the prompt with slightly altered word variations, you can employ the fine-tuning method to perfect your character's description. This technique involves increasing or decreasing the attribute's weight to make minor adjustments to the character's depiction. Example:

  • "body-positive woman wearing a summer dress:: body-positive:: 0.5" = a very large woman
  • "body-positive woman wearing a summer dress" = a large woman
  • "body-positive woman wearing a summer dress:: body-positive:: -0.3" = a less large woman

Create a new /imagine with the adjusted fine-tuning value to modify the character's appearance. If you're fond of one of the images in the grid and don't want to lose it, you can enlarge it, remix it, and modify the fine-tuning value. To "remix" an image, enable it in your settings by typing "/settings" and selecting "Remix mode".

Utilizing Archetypes

Archetypes aid in establishing a character's fundamental appearance. For instance, if your character exists in a contemporary context, you could use terms like "disabled" or "mobility-impaired" to generate images of people using wheelchairs or other assistive mobility devices.

You can also apply cultural, ethnic, and national terms to suggest skin color, but employing emoji flags has proven to be the most straightforward approach to achieving the desired ethnicity/body type. 

A Word of Caution

Be mindful to avoid "offensive language" when constructing these prompts, as multiple violations may result in your account being temporarily or permanently suspended.In other words: please don't be rude :-)

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