How to get entity reference value and link to it in a paragraph

I had this use case where I had to show a label and link to another content type from within my paragraph. Because the theming was specific, I had to get the label and link in twig

How to loop over config file values in Drupal

I had this use case in my theme, where I wanted to expose a bunch of settings to my page.html.twig. Typical things would be social media links. Here is how I looped over config file values, preventing me to write a lot of lines:

How to set the theme svg logo in a Drupal theme

In Drupal 8, the default logo needs to be a SVG file. Add this to your theme like this: themes/custom/mytheme/logo.svg.

How to create a custom Drupal theme with Bootstrap 5 dependency in 4 steps

Tutorial on how to create a Drupal 9 & 10 Bootstrap 5 integration with npm

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