How to fix ReferenceError: exports is not defined TypeScript

If you are getting the error for code that runs in the browser, try defining a global exports variable above the script tags that load your JS files.

How to get items from local storage with TypeScript, manipulate and resave

an example of a print basket: how to get the items and re-save them

Three ways to convert a string to number in TypeScript

Exactly like in JavaScript, you can use the parseInt or parseFloat functions, or simply use the unary + operator:

How to check if local storage item exists in TypeScript

This is a rather easy one. I was adding my filtering values in my local storage and had to check if a "library" key existed.

Tutorial: how to do an excel download of objects in Typescript

I was doing this project with a little excel download in typescript, and figured it would be great to share it.

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