How to find object with id from array of objects and manipulate it in TypeScript

The solution (one of the possible solutions) is to find the index with findIndex method and then manipulate the object in the original array of objects with that index

How to use functions inside a switch statement in TypeScript

Personally, I like the readability of switch statements. Here is how to include functions as well in TypeScript.

Single-line if statements in TypeScript how to

I'm tired of these old-school single-line statements and looked up one-line solutions. The following one is pretty clean in my eyes

How to check if two arrays of objects are identical in TypeScript

Comparison of objects is something we have to do often. Lodash is a good partner for this!

How to set formControl default value but prevent to affect observable subscription

How to not subscribe to form changes when you set the default value via the ReactiveForms API

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